How to choose Outdoor Cable manhole cover ?

The new outdoor cable trench cover plate is generally made of resin composite and polymer materials, which has the characteristics of good flexibility and compressive bending and undeformed. The channel is wrapped in epoxy resin layer, which has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect in outdoor cable channel.

The outdoor cable trench cover plate is different from the indoor cable trench cover plate, it has its own guide water line, and the middle of the cover plate is slightly arched, only these two functions can resist Rain Water from entering the cable trench very well, Rain Water falls on the surface of the cover plate will quickly divert to both sides of the channel, reduces Rain Water’s stay time, plus the guide flume that comes with it. Even if a small amount of Rain Water falls on the surface of the outdoor cable trench cover plate, it will be separated from the guide tank of the cover plate. The outdoor cable trench is higher than the ground when it is made and there is a good drainage system in the substation, so the channel water bubble phenomenon is almost zero.
In the process of selecting outdoor cable trench cover plate, there are still a large number of construction units, choose their own prefabrication and custom factory production of cement cover plate. Even if the standard of cement cover plate is made, it is difficult to solve the problem of preventing channel water entry. Some construction units choose “T-type” flexible seal strip to prevent the sealing of outdoor cable trench cover plate. How to choose outdoor cable trench cover? This approach is also temporary, after a period of wind-blown sun seal strip will be deformed and aging, thus losing the sealing effect, outdoor cable trench cover plate protection does not play a role, a lot of power construction units, in order to learn from the lessons. Compound The basic performances of the cable trench cover board adopt and replace the one step of the outdoor cable trench cover plate (composite), and the time and labor are saved and saved.
In all, the appearance of  cable trench cover plate (buckle type) has made up for great defects and shortcomings in power construction, and is being recommended by more power systems.
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