Composite Manhole Covers Features

1.Against Theft

This product is made from high strength composite materials and the reinforcing bar by the high

temperature mould,it is non-metallic and valueless,it has no value of recycling,thus completelysolve the problems caused by theft.

2.High loading capacity

Its main fiberglass and unsaturated and components. Loading capacity are   A15,B125,C250 D400.

3.customed design

Such as color,logo,panel and dimension can be designed according to the requirement of customer.

4.Strongly Safety

This product is lined with reinforced steel support,strong flexibility,no overall risk of crushing and present falling.

5.High and low temperature resistance

Excellent insulator against heat from -40ºC–200ºC.

6.Long life 

Minimum lifespan is 10 years of free maintenance.

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